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Our Experts are fully insured and DBS checked with an enhanced disclosure. Our friendly experts bring with them a diverse range of animals from the cute and fluffy to the exotic to suit all occasions, school topics and themes.
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We are the UK’s No.1 provider of high quality animal experiences. We supply animals and workshops for a wide variety of industries with first class customer service and support.
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Wild Science are a leading provider of animal handling sessions and science experiences across the UK. We are passionate about animals and science and use that enthusiasm to engage and inspire children and adults of all ages. Delivering our physical experiences nationwide, Wild Science now offer online experiences via Zoom

Some of the key features that define Mammals are a combination of fur and mammary glands. Some of the largest animals that have ever existed have been mammals. The most intelligent animals in the world are mammals, including humans.
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Reptiles & Amphibians
Reptiles are found in every continent except Antarctica. As they cannot maintain their own body heat, they rely on heat from the sun to warm up. Amphibians are closely related to reptiles except most amphibians have a water-based laval stage, like frogs start as tadpoles.
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An invertebrate is any animal that doesn’t have a backbone like insects, spiders, crabs and snails. 97% of the animals on this earth are invertebrates and about 80% of them are insects.
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