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Animal Therapy – Does It Work?

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Animal therapy is the use of animals as a means of therapeutic relief for a group of individuals. Animal programmes such as this are by no means a modern concept, having even known to have dated back to the 17th century, whereby horseback riding was used as a remedy for neurological disorders and low morale (Hines & Bustad 1986). Read More

Hedgehogs And Bonfires

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Within the month of November 1605, 36 barrels of gunpowder were smuggled into the House of Lords in an attempt to blow up the British parliament. This terrorist attack, brought along by King Charles’ apparent discrimination of the Roman Catholic faith, was led by a man named Robert Catesby and his trusted gunpowder expert, Guy Fawkes. However, due to an anonymous warning letter, this attack was prevented, thus saving hundreds of lives. This day therefore came to be a celebratory day, commonly known as ‘Bonfire night’. Read More

Bee Smart

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A large number of arguments in a car is a couple fighting over which direction to go, so they invented the sat nav. Extremely useful as I myself have to use one every single day and have only been lost once or twice. Read More

Pokémon Vs Real Animals #Three

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My next Pokémon to compare are the evolutions of Charmander, Charmeleon and Charizard.

At first glance these three Pokémon look just like dinosaurs, and there are so many reptiles out there that look like they should belong in Jurassic Park so I decided to take a closer look at their names instead. Read More

Mother’s Milk

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Cockroaches I can proudly say are a huge passion of mine for so many different reasons. Whether its because of their adaptations, their incredible survival skills or their importance to the eco system there is just so much to learn about this amazing insect.

So you can imagine when I came across a certain article stating that a cockroach’s milk is more nutritious than cow’s milk, I just HAD to write about it and share with the world. Read More

Wild Science Celebrates National Moth Week

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Wild Science would like to shout huge congratulations to one of nature’s most loved nocturnal animal, the humble but beautiful moth.

This week scientists celebrate the beauty of this amazing insect while encouraging people all around the world to take part and join them as well. Do you know what?! don’t mind if I do! Read More

Pokémon VS Real Animals #One

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Now I will admit, I am a classic 90’s child. Every Saturday, I would get up, go downstairs and switch straight to SMTV Live and watch shows from power rangers to Pokémon.

To start off, I was insanely excited about the worldwide phenomenon that is Pokémon go! I mean, who didn’t dream of being a Pokémon trainer once in there lives? Anyone? Just me? Right, moving on!

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