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Animals For Christmas

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We know the phrase, “a puppy/kitten is for life, not for Christmas” but still hundreds are received as gifts every year and many are taken to shelters or worse, abandoned.  What can we do to help these little guys? Read More

I’m An Animal Get Me Out Of Here!

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Trophy hunting sent us in hysterics but when it is for our own entertainment we turn a blind eye. What does this say about us as a nation of animal lovers?

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is a show I was obsessed with when it first started back in 2002 (being 14 at the time) but in the latter years I started to step back and change my perspective. I now watch the thousands of insects and arachnids thrown onto celebrities, 40 snakes squeezed into a small glass tank, celebrities crawling through rat tunnels and live animals eaten for entertainment.

So here is the question; Do we not consider foul treatment of invertebrates, reptiles and small mammals abuse or are we purposefully ignoring the signs for our own entertainment? Read More

Top 5 Animals In The Movies #3

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Welcome Wild Scientists. Last time we voted for James and the Giant peach at number 4, I absolutely loved writing about all the amazing invertebrates used in that movie and I hope you enjoyed reading.

We had a really difficult choice for number 3. I was trying to choose the ultimate man’s best friend film, a film that leaves you in tears but also leaves you wanting to re-watch it over and over again, so I eventually landed on one of my all time favourite childhood films… Read More

Pokemon vs Real Animals #five

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Welcome back to Pokémon vs Real Animals. I got the idea for this week’s Pokémon while I was sitting in my garden watching the bee’s hard at work on the flowers and I thought to myself, there are no bee Pokémon BUT there is a wasp and thought EVEN BETTER. Wasp type Pokémon.  In my family and circle of friends I can honestly say I have always known someone who despises wasps, and I can confidently say it will be the same all over the world. Read More

Top 5 Animals In The Movies #4

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WELCOME BACK! Last week’s Animals In The Movies was Ratatouille at number 5, no shame in being at the bottom as it is still a fantastic film. This week we look at number 4. This is one of my personal favourites and if I had my way it would be at number 1. Number 4 is… Read More

Wild Science Favourites

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Welcome to Wild Science’s favourite animals, we spend a lot of time talking about other animals on our pages but what about talking about some of our own?! As an Expert at Wild Science® we spend a large majority of our time working with a variety of different animals, moving around from nurseries to primary schools to residential homes providing the care and education they require. So what are our Expert’s Read More

Pokémon vs Real Animals #Four

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Welcome back to Pokemon vs Real Animals! I am very excited about this article today as its on one of the most amazing and graceful animals on the planet, the snake. I love how Satoshi Tajiri (creator of Pokémon) has been extremely creative with these two species of Pokemon, just goes to show he really did take his time when creating each of them. Today we are looking at Ekans and Arbok, which are one of the poison types of Pokémon and are very accurate to their real-world counterparts.   Read More

Top 5 Animals In The Movies #5

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As some of you movie lovers out there may know a movie can make or break an actor and I can name SO many films that should never have been shown on the big screen.  The same goes for our amazing animal kingdom, films can give the most wonderful of animals the worst reputation in the world and of course if it’s in a movie most of the population will remember it, and worst of all believe it. To name a Read More