Pets as Therapy: The Ultimate Guide

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Animals have been bringing smiles to our faces for years, but that’s just scratching the surface of what they’re capable of. Animal-assisted therapy (often shortened to AAT) has solidified itself as a genuine form of therapy and has improved the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

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Animals For Christmas

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We know the phrase, “a puppy/kitten is for life, not for Christmas” but still hundreds are received as gifts every year and many are taken to shelters or worse, abandoned.  What can we do to help these little guys? Read More

I’m An Animal Get Me Out Of Here!

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Trophy hunting sent us in hysterics but when it is for our own entertainment we turn a blind eye. What does this say about us as a nation of animal lovers?

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here is a show I was obsessed with when it first started back in 2002 (being 14 at the time) but in the latter years I started to step back and change my perspective. I now watch the thousands of insects and arachnids thrown onto celebrities, 40 snakes squeezed into a small glass tank, celebrities crawling through rat tunnels and live animals eaten for entertainment.

So here is the question; Do we not consider foul treatment of invertebrates, reptiles and small mammals abuse or are we purposefully ignoring the signs for our own entertainment? Read More

Animal Therapy – Does It Work?

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Animal therapy is the use of animals as a means of therapeutic relief for a group of individuals. Animal programmes such as this are by no means a modern concept, having even known to have dated back to the 17th century, whereby horseback riding was used as a remedy for neurological disorders and low morale (Hines & Bustad 1986). Read More

Hedgehogs And Bonfires

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Within the month of November 1605, 36 barrels of gunpowder were smuggled into the House of Lords in an attempt to blow up the British parliament. This terrorist attack, brought along by King Charles’ apparent discrimination of the Roman Catholic faith, was led by a man named Robert Catesby and his trusted gunpowder expert, Guy Fawkes. However, due to an anonymous warning letter, this attack was prevented, thus saving hundreds of lives. This day therefore came to be a celebratory day, commonly known as ‘Bonfire night’. Read More

Top 5 Animals In The Movies #3

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Welcome Wild Scientists. Last time we voted for James and the Giant peach at number 4, I absolutely loved writing about all the amazing invertebrates used in that movie and I hope you enjoyed reading.

We had a really difficult choice for number 3. I was trying to choose the ultimate man’s best friend film, a film that leaves you in tears but also leaves you wanting to re-watch it over and over again, so I eventually landed on one of my all time favourite childhood films… Read More