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An Inky Tale

By June 3, 2016News

It’s no secret today that our beloved hedgehogs in the UK are drastically declining in numbers due to habitat destruction, parasites and crossing roads.

These gorgeous nocturnal animals have shown to be in rapid decline. Scientist at Nottingham University has developed a genius and accurate method to study the diversity of these spiky characters by placing inkpads in their underground tunnels. Their paw prints have shown that they are now only active on 39% of their protected sites and falling 3 to 5% each year; these results stunned Nottingham University as it was much lower than anticipated.

How can we help you ask?

As any decent conservation site will tell you, there is always something you can do. After all, every little helps.

It is incredibly easy to make your garden a hedgehog haven simply by placing piles of leaves and logs at different areas of your garden. These create a perfect nesting area plus a huge buffet for invertebrates, which in turn will provide food for your guest. Their main diet consists of slugs, worms and beetles, but cat food can be provided.

Do not give the hedgehog milk as like cats are lactose intolerant, just like any wild animal fresh water is adequate. Please remember that as cute and inviting they may be, DO NOT try to handle them as they are wild animals, they are covered in spines after all.