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All living things need food to survive. A Food Chain is the system of how each living thing gets its food.

Unlike a food web that shows interconnectivity, a food chain only follows one path based on a predator/prey hierarchy. If preferred, this session can focus on Food Webs too.

It is based on three groups, the producer, consumer/prey and the predator. A simple example is the fox hunts the rabbit and the rabbit eats the carrot. In this scenario the carrot is the producer, the rabbit is the consumer/prey and the fox is the predator.

An animal’s place in the Food Chain depends on its diet. The groups of different diets are Carnivore (eats meat), Herbivore (vegetarian) and Omnivore (not fussy) with carnivores generally at the top of their respective chain.

In this workshop we discuss and display animals in different parts of the Food Chain whilst giving the students the chance to touch, hold and interact with them.

What is the Core Focus?
  • What is a Food Chain/Food Web?
  • Carnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores
  • Producers, Consumers and Predators/Prey
What Animals are used?

A mix of Mammals, Reptiles/Amphibians and Invertebrates are used for this topic.

Who Is This For?