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Habitats vary dramatically depending on the animal. Every animal has its own specific requirements & needs that must be met in order to survive.

Some may like it dry, warm and cosy, while others prefer it cold, damp and dark. We explore the many different animals and discover their needs. Some are very tolerant and can cope with a wide range of different conditions and found all over the globe while others are very niche, often only found in certain parts of the world.

Every habitat has many microhabitats within it and animals will use these conditions to their advantage whether it is for food or protection, some even take their own microhabitat with them wherever they go.

Habitats are closely connected to the environment so a small change can have a big impact on the animals that live there.

In this workshop we discuss and display animals from a wide variety of different habitats whilst giving the students the chance to touch, hold and interact with them.

What is the Core Focus?
  • What is a habitat/microhabitat?
  • Needs of different animals
  • Habitats around the world
  • Habitats and the environment
What Animals are used?

A mix of Mammals, Reptiles/Amphibians and Invertebrates are used for this topic.

Who Is This For?