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More than 1/6th of children/young people are recognised as Special Educational Needs (SEN) at some stage. For children with SEN we take a different approach with our sessions as children with learning difficulties or disabilities find it more difficult to access education in the same way as someone else their own age.

We balance animal therapy and education to break down the barriers that prohibit their learning. All sessions are bespoke with the profundity of their condition dictating how we would address the group/individual.

In this range of workshops we discuss and display a wide variety of animals whilst giving the chance to touch, hold and interact with them.


What is the Core Focus?
  • Animal interaction
  • Senses & textures
  • Soft approach
What Animals are used?

A mix of Mammals, Reptiles/Amphibians and Invertebrates are used for this topic.

Who Is This For?