At Wild Science, we concentrate on three different science-based activities, specifically chosen to be suitable for use in your care home.

Each workshop lasts 45 minutes to an hour and a half which is fully adaptable to meet the needs of your residents.

Our care home science activity sessions can be arranged individually as stand-alone sessions, or they may be combined with other workshops to make an engaging afternoon of science.

Our science workshops are designed to be family friendly so any young visitors (age four and over) can take part too.

Soap Making Workshop

When senses are stimulated, it can transport us back to a different time or place. A particular sight, sound or even smell can evoke a memory, once thought to be long forgotten. Our soap making workshop aim to stimulate these senses in an entertaining and enjoyable way.

Your residents will be encouraged to get up close and personal with the fragrances and textures of soap.

We start by looking at the history of soap – when it was first invented, who used it, the first basic soap recipe, what essential oils can be added and how they benefit you.

Each participant then has the opportunity to make their own soap.

We provide a melted pre-made base and each member of the group can add colours and essential oils to create a totally unique soap personalised to suit them or their family.

Slime workshop

Can you ever be too old to make slime?….We think not!

In this fun and interactive workshop, we teach participants about the science behind slime, what makes is so gooey and how it can be manipulated.

Once residents know how it works, they then get the opportunity to make slime themselves.

Our simple slime recipe is quick and easy to make, and one of our science presenters is always on hand to ensure it goes smoothly.

Once the slime is created, the fun really starts, and you can begin experimenting with it – how well can you mould it and whose will stretch the furthest?

Bath Bomb Making

Chemical reactions happen everywhere, even in your relaxing bath.

In this fun, hands on session, find out the science behind the making and using Bath Bombs.

Our professor will discuss why the Bath Bomb fizzes the way it does when dropped into the water.

You will even get a chance to make your very own, complete with your favourite scents and colours, all ready for your evening bath, or as a lovely handmade present.

Each participant will ideally make more than one, so they can test them out during the session too.

Sessions like this are a great example of how science is all around us, even in the most unlikely of places.

On our Bath Bomb zoom session, everyone will get to enjoy the fun of Bath Bomb with our pre-order kits while still learning all the science too.  The professor is also on hand to answer any questions.

Please note, our zoom session may slightly differ from our face to face experiences, but fun is still 100% guaranteed.

Any questions? We’re here to help

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