#2 Pokemon vs Real Animals

Josh | August 13, 2016 | News


Ok, do I REALLY need to say it?! A Caterpillar, a Cocoon and a Butterfly? Want to catch them all? Put down the IPhone and IPad and look in your very own garden. The UK has some of the most beautiful species of butterfly.

Caterpie is named after an actual species of caterpillar called the Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly. The similarities are uncanny.

A real life Caterpie, turns into one of Americas most common butterfly species, they are not the largest butterfly in the world but with a wingspan of 4-5 inches they are still very attractive to the eye. At this stage in its lifecycle its main goal is to eat as much as it physically can because once it evolves (see what I did there) into the next stage, they will need all that stored up energy to transform into its final stage Butterfree…. I mean the butterfly.

Metapod, well just like in the TV show this is the animal’s resting stage, the pupa stage, where quite basically the animal can’t do anything. It doesn’t eat, doesn’t move and cannot protect itself so its only defense is camouflage. If you look once again, uncanny. I must say the cocoon in this picture belongs to the pupa stage of our very own UK Swallowtail!



Butterfree is a little bit more difficult to find an exact comparison to purely because there are just so many species of butterfly out there but if I was to compare to any butterfly it would be the UK’s Large White or Small White Butterfly, mainly because they do have very similar markings on their wings compared to Butterfree.



So that’s Pokémon vs the whole life cycle of the butterfly.  Get looking in your garden to catch this one