#5 Pokemon vs Real Animals

Josh | October 05, 2016 | News


Welcome back to Pokémon vs Real Animals. I got the idea for this week’s Pokémon while I was sitting in my garden watching the bee’s hard at work on the flowers and I thought to myself, there are no bee Pokémon BUT there is a wasp and thought EVEN BETTER. Wasp type Pokémon.  In my family and circle of friends I can honestly say I have always known someone who despises wasps, and I can confidently say it will be the same all over the world.

So let’s start introducing our Pokémon of the day…

WeedleKakuna and Beedrill are all bug/poison type Pokemon and once they reach the final stage, can be quite a nasty one to battle. I mean look at that sting. If anyone has been stung by a bee or a wasp, yeah it can really make your eyes water. But then the question after that is, what did you do to make it mad? After all no animal goes out of its way to hurt you on purpose.

Weedle– this is the first stage of                                                                                                         Beedrill and just like with Caterpie,                                                                                                     this is the larvae stage.


Kakuna – this is the pupated stage, at this stage Kakuna is not able to fight. His only defence is harden in order to fend off predators.








Beedrill – Even though the name has bee in it, Beedrill externally looks like an oversized wasp. If the creator was going for the look of a bee, maybe he should have covered them in fuzz and made them more of an orangey and black colour, instead of the iconic yellow and black colour that Beedrill is aka also the colour of a wasp. Beedrill’s main defence is sting, which shows why Beedrill is more wasp than bee, as we all know bees soon after die after using their sting but a wasp does not. If Beedrill was related to the bee, he would be a Pokemon that would not last very long at all.






I always hear heated debated about wasps and what aggressive, horrible creatures they are, but I myself have never been stung by one. As a child I used to put jam on my finger and a curious wasp would fly over and start helping himself. Call me crazy if you like but, my parents raised me to see the beauty in every living thing and to not be afraid of these creatures. So I don’t understand why anyone could think they’re horrible creatures. I just see an animal that gets scared, and tries to defend itself with the only weapon it has been given, its sting.

Are wasps evil?

Honest answer no they are no evil. Yes maybe they have really bad anger management issues but would I if people continued to shake their hands in front of my face trying to kill me.

What is their purpose?

A constant question I’m always asked, “why are wasps on this planet? They do nothing but sting”. Oh yee of little faith, you’re letting your hate get in the way of the real evidence. Does nobody see them hard at work in the garden? Wasps are insanely helpful to the planet, for all the green fingered gardeners out there, aphids can be a real problem. These greedy little insects just happen to be a popular food of wasps, protecting your precious plants in the process. Not only do they get rid of these annoying pests, but in the summer are key pollinators (just like bee’s). If we were to eradicate wasps it was cause more harm than good. Trust me.

What should you do if you come face to face with one?

This part won’t take up a lot of space. The correct answer is……NOTHING. You…..do…..nothing. Leave it alone 99% of the time the animals gets bored and will fly away. If you swipe at it however and jump around screaming, it will get scared and assume it is under attack and will, as a lot of people have found out, sting you.

Please do not judge animals by the stories you hear. One of the most important phrases we can teach our kids is to never judge a book by its cover, the same goes for animals.

Thank you for reading