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As a way for you to understand us some more, here are some of the questions our experts are frequently asked during sessions. We hope you find them as delightful as we do, as well as hope that we have provided the answers you are looking for. If you do have any further questions, do not hesitate to ask us.


Where do you find your animals?

None of our animals have been caught or taken from the wild. All animals used within the company are captive bred, and have always lived their lives as pets. In order to provide such a high quality service, we ensure that all of our animals are tame. This is a security we can not offer if the animals come from the wild. Furthermore, we do believe that if an animal has lived its life in the wild, then who are we to take them from their homes. All of our animals come from either adoption, rehoming or the pet store. Naturally dependant on the animal. For example, majority of our fluffy animals and reptiles are re-homed animals. Some of which are “donated” to us due to customers truly believing in the good that we do, combined with the knowledge that we care for our animals. 

Do all of these animals come home with you?

This is definitely something we pride ourselves on. All animals you see in sessions, go home with the expert that is conducting that session. In order to build the strong bond we have with our animals, each expert have their own selection of animals to look after. This ensures that the expert can build a relationship with their animals in order to read their behaviour. It also means that when it comes to choosing which animals to go to sessions, we choose the most suitable ones. Animals can have bad days too, and in this company the job only works, if the animals are happy. So through having each expert look after their own set of animals, it ensures that the animals do not get overly stressed in any way.

Are your snakes poisonous?

One thing to remember is that although we are educational, we also stand out because we offer chances to interact with the animals. The risk is too high to use venomous snakes. If there was ever the rare case that an animal was to bite you, and that animal to be a snake. That is already quite bad. However it would also be the case of ouch that looks like it hurts, but there would be nothing else to worry about other than the bite wound. With a venomous snake, they can tend to have a much more aggressive personality, so it would be easier to agitate them. In which case if they were to bite, we would also have to worry about the venom. Now for a snake to be poisonous, it would mean to either ingest, or touch the snake to be effected by the poison. Once again due to the fact that we offer interactions with the animals, a poisonous one snake would be a bad idea. Very bad idea indeed.

Will they bite?

We would like to remind you that anything with a mouth has the potential to bite… including us. However, just like we do not go around biting people, neither do our animals. We do get the odd animals with such personalities in which they like to have a bit of a nibble. Now nibbling is different to biting, and most instances should be taken as a compliment. Many animals use nibbling as a form of grooming each other, so nibble us as a sign of affection also. That being said if there is a nibbler amongst our animals we will always tell you so. Furthermore we always recommend that we keep our hands away from the mouths of all the animals. Always better to be safe than sorry.


Feel better about our animals? Interested to know more? Then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if your still curious then why not book a session with us and see all the magic for yourself. Just contact us at or by phone 020 3373 4300