Aimee | September 18, 2018 | News


Ever since I was a little girl I have been an animal lover. Growing up I always jumped at the opportunity to do something involving animals, and now I am living the dream. When I tell people that I have thirty-five animals the look on their faces is always priceless, with the first question to pop to their mind being “where do you keep them all?”. I always respond “at my home of course”.

The Cons

I won’t lie to you guys and say I live the perfect life and nothing worries me about my pets. But, as with many things you do in life, there are cons. Mainly being the attachment I form with all of my animals. Every animal I have I give my time and devotion to, they are my livelihood. That does mean when something unfortunate happens, it is very upsetting. I have had animals who unfortunately have passed away, and all I can do is blame myself when this happens. When the truth is, majority of the time it was just nature taking its course.

The only other negative is my job is not 09:00 to 17:00. I come home, I make sure my animals are put back safe and sound, and then I do my rounds of making sure they are all fed, and watered, and in general happy. The job I have has become a lifestyle change for me, and for some people that can be too much.

The Pros

Aside from the fact that I get to work with animals, my work provides many other perks. I am probably one in unfortunately a few amounts of people in the world who actually love their job whole heartedly. It sounds cheesy I know. Working for Wild Science I have been given a sense of purpose in my life, which is great and drives me to push myself.

Back to the animals, as this is what it is all about at the end of the day, it is thanks to Wild Science that I have developed such bonds with so many animals. I have watched these animals grow and develop their wonderful, individual personalities. Lastly it is always so rewarding, as selfish as that sounds, to see the smiles on everyones faces just because they got to meet my animals and have a cuddle. Believe it or not, I do 100% believe that the animals enjoy it too.


I am afraid I am going to leave it there for you guys today. Hopefully I have kept you all engrossed and ready to read more, in which I can assure you there will be more. Tune in next week for part two.  If you did like what you read today, and wish to learn more about the session we offer please feel free to contact us via or by phone on 020 3372 4300 Alternatively visit our contact us page