Top 5 Animals in the Movies #5

Josh | August 27, 2016 | News

As some of you movie lovers out there may know a movie can make or break an actor and I can name SO many films that should never have been shown on the big screen.  The same goes for our amazing animal kingdom, films can give the most wonderful of animals the worst reputation in the world and of course if it’s in a movie most of the population will remember it, and worst of all believe it. To name a few; Snakes On A Plane, Eight Legged Freaks, Arachnophobia, Jaws, Anaconda, Lake Placid. The list goes on and on. Well today Wild Science® is going to change all that because we have come up with our list of the top 5 movies that portray the animals as the good guys, each week we will release one movie. The wild science team had a great debate on, which movies to put in the list, as there are SO many, a big thank you to all the directors out there for believing in all the creatures great and small! But we were able to narrow it down to our favourites. Gracing number 5 is…

  1. Ratatouille

The synopsis of this film is simple. A RAT WHO CAN COOK!! Rats are portrayed as dirty, disgusting, diseased infested vermin, did I miss anything out? Well the truth is rats can carry diseases but… NEWSFLASH so can every other animal on the planet. So think of that when blaming one of the most intelligent animals on earth. Here’s some amazing facts about rats…

  • Rats are very sociable animals that crave companionship, if a rat gets sick in their colony the rest of the group will take care of it.
  • Rats have the best memories, in zoos, keepers train rats and use them in their animal shows, once a rat learns a navigation route or a trick they will never forget it.
  • THEY ARE CLEAN!! Spending several hours a day grooming themselves and their group members (this is called social grooming a very important behaviour for animals that live in large groups, just so you know). Cats, dogs or even humans are more likely to catch and transmit diseases. I’m sure many rat owners will tell you that their pet rats only go to the toilet in one selected area of their cage.  Their wee and poo can kick up a bit of a stink though.
  • A rat’s tail is one of their most important body parts as it helps them balance, communicate, and regulate their body temperature (it’s called thermoregulation)
  • Do not blame the Black Death on rats! I mean for goodness sake, lets be a realistic here, this was a highly contagious, airborne transmittable disease, when lets face it, in 1348 I cant imagine they were close to clean by todays standards. Humans could not keep this fatal disease contained well enough to stop it spreading.


So I personally love the fact that they have created a film where they allow a rat into a gourmet kitchen to cook high quality meals for customers, and if you have watched the film NOBODY catches a disease from the rat. (picture left) This is how a large percentage of the world views rats. Disgusting vermin with evil eyes. Believe or not this drawing is from the creators of disney in Lady And The Tramp. (picture right) this is how us at Wild Science® views rats and hopefully a lot more of you out there too.


Next week you will see what we have voted for as number 4! Thank you for reading. Please don’t hesitate to name your favourites!