Top 5 Animals in the Movies #3

Josh | October 22, 2016 | News

Welcome Wild Scientists. Last time we voted for James and the Giant peach at number 4, I absolutely loved writing about all the amazing invertebrates used in that movie and I hope you enjoyed reading.

We had a really difficult choice for number 3. I was trying to choose the ultimate man’s best friend film, a film that leaves you in tears but also leaves you wanting to re-watch it over and over again, so I eventually landed on one of my all time favourite childhood films…

Homeward Bound – The Incredible Journey (1993)

This film really shows the love owners can and should show towards their pets. They do not just treat them like pets but also members of the family. It is a great example of how all animals should be treated, with love and respect, and show the same in return. So much so, it starts the beginning of their incredible journey.

We follow the journey of; Shadow, a devoted Golden retriever, a clumsy but loveable American bulldog called Chance and the slightly stuck up but insanely loyal Himalayan cat appropriately named sassy. Their owners travel to San Francisco with their mother and new stepfather, sadly having to leave their beloved pets at a friends farm temporarily. The animals however, missing their humans so much, are terrified something has happened to them. Instead of waiting for them they travel through the wilderness fighting, bears, cougars and waterfalls but somehow make it all the way home. Showing truthfully how amazing an animal’s sense of direction is.

I can honestly tell you first-hand that a cat’s sense of direction is spot on. I had a neighbour who moved 30 miles away to a new location and had a beautiful long haired tabby called Todd, the next day I was sitting in my back garden and I heard a meowing, I looked over to next door and this small little bundle of fur had walked all the way from his new house back to his old, how unbelievable is that?!


Golden Retrievers are beautiful, loyal and intelligent dogs which make them insanely popular breeds. Their temperament is calm, kind and affectionate making them the perfect dog around children. Remember there and no bad breeds, just bad owners. Treat an animal how you would want to be treated in life.


American Bulldogs sadly have an extremely bad reputation for being aggressive and are banned in several countries.  The real truth is, these dogs are incredibly soft and soppy when treated correctly. And Homeward Bound really shows how fantastic these breeds are. Chance is clumsy, playful, cheeky and above everything else loyal and loveable. He starts off as a new addition to the family brought in from dog pound, he slowly learns that this new family is all he will ever need. This film shows the temperament of an American Bulldog perfectly.


I am a lover of all animals, but when it comes to cats I am in awe of their independence. Showing how well they can survive the most dire situations.  Yes I know this movie is not real, but still I can’t be the only one who gets emotional every time I watch poor helpless Sassy edging closer and closer to the edge while shadow desperately tried to swim to her rescue. ITS SO TENSE! Of course we all know she survives, thank goodness for her nine lives.


When it comes to tear jerker’s, we are accustom to the hero or love interest passing away, it’s always a happy ending. Homeward Bound however has you crying tears of joy when they are all reunited with their owners. One by one starting with Chance, He runs up to the youngest of the family Jamie, ending with Chance showering him with wet and slobbery kisses, its just beautiful. Next to arrive is Sassy, she runs to the middle child, Hope. Sassy runs into Hopes arms and stays their until the end of the movie.

Now for the moment that really gets the tears flowing.  Shadow, who for a moment we do not know if he is going to turn up or not having fallen down into a wet muddy ditch earlier in the movie. Driven by the pure love for his owner (peter) we finally see him limping towards him, Shadow gets faster and faster, and finally you see the puppy in him as they jump around each other.

Honourable Mentions 

There are so many films out there featuring some amazing canines so I don’t want you to think I have forgotten any of them;

  1. Turner and Hootch
  2. Hatchi – A Dog’s Tale
  3. Beethoven
  4. Eight below
  5. Marley & Me

I know there are many  others but these are some of my favourites.

There you have it number 3. What did everyone else think of this movie? Does everyone love it as much as I do? What are you thoughts. Thank you for reading. Until next time when we look at number 2.