Aimee | September 25, 2018 | News

The Job

There are three main sessions that I work on. Schools, Care homes and Parties, providing education, therapy and some plain old fashioned fun. The day starts with me choosing the appropriate animals. This does have to take some careful consideration, as although I do try to bring what people want to see, it is mainly about how my animals are doing that day. Let’s take Romeo for example. He is my french lops bunny rabbit, and is very popular with everyone. And why not? He is calm, cheeky and cuddly. Quite the character. However due to his popularity, if I was to bring him with me every time he was requested, majority of the time Romeo would then be working full time. As much as my animals are beneficial for everyone, at Wild Science our priority is first and foremost the animals. If I think they would benefit more from staying at home and relaxing, then I will leave them at home. After all what good are they going to do if I brought them to someone, and they weren’t  their usual happy go lucky selves.


Going back to the work side I usually, technically, only work a few hours a day. I travel to my first destination and provide them with the session they have booked, then I travel to the next, and then it’s home time. Naturally in between I have the time to have lunch for myself, as well as check on the animals and provide them with water. Once home and I have done my rounds, I organise everything for the next day, do any homework if there is any needed to be done (I like to brush up on my research to ensure the information I provide is indeed true), and then relax.

Home Life

Is my house noisy with all of these animals? Partially, yes. However the noises, as odd as it sounds it brings me comfort. Just like with a toddler, if things go quiet at my house, then something is surely wrong. No two days are the same, even when I happen to be off. All of my animals have such big strong personalities, someone always gets the spotlight each day. I’ve had little houdinis in the making. In particular with my pet rats. Their cage door was left open accidentally after they had been fed, and one, Regan, took her chance to escape. When I say escape, I mean she found her way into my bedroom, into the bed and cuddled up to my face. Nothing makes me prouder, and feel like I am doing right by these animals more than when they actually show love and affection for me. That’s the best part.

There you have it, a day in the life of me. My life might not be too exciting for some, and others may criticise. However nothing can convince me otherwise that I am leading a more than interesting one, if I do say so myself.

Interested in meeting a selection of the animals we use here at Wild Science? Then why not book us? All animals are appropriate for educational and therapeutical sessions. As well as for good old fashioned fun! For more information please contact the office via email at or by phone 020 3372 4300 You can even visit our contact us page by clicking this link