Do you have a science mad child? Does he or she want a fun packed Wild Science Experiment party experience?

Pick and mix, pick a mix of different activities from below: –

  • Slime Making

Learn about polymers, take part in the polymer game, then make your own super sticky slimy pot of slime to take home!

  • Sherbet Making

There is a chemical reaction happening on your tongue, learn more about this fizzy treat and make your own!

  • Soap Making

Learn how soaps made and create your own using food dyes, glitter, and different shapes to design the perfect soap.

  • Dry Ice Experiments

Bubbles and smokey effects, learn all about dry ice, sublimation, and experience amazing visual cool looking experiments, you would think you were in a science lab.

  • Bath Bomb Creating
Chemical reactions happen everywhere, even in your relaxing bath. In this fun, hands on session, find out the science behind the making of and using of bath bombs. Our profession will discuss why the bath bomb fizzes the why it does when dropped into the water and the chemical reaction that happens between the chemicals.
You will even get a chance to make your very own, complete with your favourite scents, all ready for you evening bath, or as a lovely handmade present. Each participant will ideally make more than one, so they can lot test
them out during the session too. Sessions like this are a great example of how science is all around us,
even in the most unlikely of places. On our Bath Bomb zoom session, everyone will get to enjoy the fun of
bath bomb making while still learning all the science too. Everyone will receive a bath bomb kit and everyone will get a chance to make their bath bombs along with one of our professors via zoom, who will be on hand to answer any questions and give hints and tips, please note, our zoom session may slightly differ from our face to face experiences, but there is still 100% of fun guaranteed.