Wild Science Experiments are an exciting and unique party activity. Workshops are very interactive, we incorporate games into the experiments and there is also an opportunity for participants to make and build something within each workshop and then put their creations to the test.

Our workshops are not only lots of fun but also packed with interesting facts so you will hopefully learn something to!

Each workshop last 30-45 minutes and we want the party so suit you exactly so you can pick just one or for a longer party, mix and match the sessions you would like.

Workshops can be adapted to suit all ages.

The Workshops we provide

  • Science of Soap
  • Science of Slime
  • Sherbet making
  • Fizz, Bang, Pop
  • Science of Bubbles and Balloons
  • Air Pressure and Vortexes

All our staff are fully DBS checked and will always arrive with their certificate and photo ID.

We’re eager to know how we can help and our lovely staff are waiting to hear from you.  Call us on 020 3372 4300 or email