Science Party

Do you have a science mad child? Does he or she want a fun packed Wild Science Experiment party experience?

Pick and mix, pick a mix of different activities from below: -

  • Slime Making

Learn about polymers, take part in the polymer game, then make your own super sticky slimy pot of slime to take home!

  • Sherbet Making

There is a chemical reaction happening on your tongue, learn more about this fizzy treat and make your own!

Cas and his friends had a great time at his 4th birthday party on Saturday. Amber was brilliant with the children, she was really knowledgable and the children loved meeting all the animals..... Wilma the hedgehog was the favourite! Many thanks.

  • Soap Making

Learn how soaps made and create your own using food dyes, glitter, and different shapes to design the perfect soap.

  • Dry Ice Experiments

Bubbles and smokey effects, learn all about dry ice, sublimation, and experience amazing visual cool looking experiments, you would think you were in a science lab.

  • Air Pressure and Vortices

Watch the famous egg in a bottle experiment, how does it work? Experiment with air canons to understand vortices and have lots of fun at the same time!