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Fizz, Bang, Pop Experiments

In this fun and interactive session, we explore the chemical reactions between acids and alkalis.

We test these reactions using four different experiments

  • Baking soda and vinegar
  • Sherbet making
  • Balloon inflating
  • Rocket making

Over the course of these experiments, we teach children to understand how the same reaction can be used to cause a variety of different effects.

Children record the results and are encouraged to predict what will happen in the next experiment.


Chemical reactions are an important part of the national curriculum, featuring at every stage from KS1-KS4.

We encourage students to examine what reactions are taking place in these experiments and why the results are occurring.

Age: 4 to 13 years (Infants, Junior and Secondary Schools)

If you think your pupils would enjoy our Fizz, Bang, Pop experiments, why not call our friendly event coordinators now on 020 3372 4300 or email hello@wsonline.co.uk.