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More Regulation For Mobile Zoos

By August 23, 2018News

Wild Science appearance on the Victoria Derbyshire show which aired on BBC2

The owner of Wild Science, Joshua Jameson is discussing the need for more regulation of the ‘animal experience/mobile zoo’ industry and reveals what we do to keep our animals safe and secure.

We only use animals that are appropriate to be transported and handled and will never use Meerkats, skunks or monkeys.  We will never use an animal that is injured or unwell and they will not be taken out in unsafe conditions (eg. rabbits are sensitive to hot weather etc.) even if the customer has specifically requested them.

We ask that you are vigilant when booking any animal experience or encounter.  Do ask how the animals are cared for and if they can guarantee you an animal, be warned.  We have compiled the following points to look out for;

  • Do the animals look calm and relaxed?
  • Does the animal look in good health (no eye conditions etc.)?
  • Was the animal happy to be picked up?
  • Is the animal and travel container clean?
  • Does the animal look well fed?

If the answer is ‘no’ to any of those questions, you can contact the RSPCA and they can advise you further.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Wild Science, for bookings and/or availability, please call 020 3372 4300 or email info@wildsci.co.uk