Hands-on animals & science

Many children grow up in a household that has no pets whilst others are in city areas and see very little natural wildlife. Wild Science® Animal Handling Workshops for Nurseries and Pre-Schools is a great introduction and will create a thirst for learning that will last a lifetime.

The benefits of Animal Therapy are well documented. Simple interactions such stroking is beneficial to people of all ages.

Different animals bring different textures and personalities to the session.

Our Workshops are ideal for capturing their attention so they can learn whilst having fun in a safe environment. All our Experts are fully DBS checked and will always arrive with their certificate and photo ID.

From our Animals and Facts Workshops to our Seasonal Story Shows, your children will learn the basics in preparation for school whilst experiencing a wide range of fantastic animals.

Introduction to animals at a young age is crucial to a child’s development and is important to their understanding of the natural world. This is crucial to crush any phobias that may escalate into adulthood.