• Speciality: Expert/Nutty Prof
  • Email: hello@wsonline.co.uk
  • Phone: 020 3372 4300

Hi! I’m Macy, a 25 year old Zoologist with a passion for all things cute, wild and exotic. I live with and love all 20 of my animals, from the adorable and furry to the scaley and scary. All of my animals are excellent to handle, friendly, have their own quirky personalities and have been rescued from previous places! I’m a bubbly, unique and adventurous person with an absolute love for all animals and I’d love to share my passion with others with Wild Science!

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    I have always loved all animals from the fluffy ones to the creepy crawlies. I studied a National Diploma in Animal Management Level 3 and as part of this course I had the privilege of spending 2 life changing weeks in South Africa supporting with the wildlife conservation of a nature reserve. I love visiting local animal sanctuaries and rescue centres to support them in caring for their animals. Educating people about animals as always been really important to me, so being able to do it as a job is amazing and incredibly rewarding. There’s nothing better than bringing joy to people of all ages.