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Bioactve enclosures made simple

What is a Bioactive enclosure? A Bioactive enclosure in simple terms is an enclosure that replicates your animals’ habitat in the wild. Live plants in an enclosure have been a popular choice for a long

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Our enclosures #2 Fire-Bellied Toad

Fire-Bellied toad The Fire-Bellied toad is an extremely popular amphibian; mainly due to their vibrant orange and black undersides these truly are astonishing creatures. These colours are to warn predators of their toxicity, they can

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Wild Science Animal Party FAQs

Welcome back! I’m taking on a slightly different style of blog series today, rather than the usual series on current animal topics and the occasional “How to” blogs, this new series is going to include

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Wild Science Animal Workshop FAQs

It’s time for the second blog of the series, this week I’m going to be answering the FAQ’s of the workshops we carry out and how they can be made unique to your own requirements.

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