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Are you looking for Animal Therapy in Care Homes near me ?

We have developed a range of activities for care homes; from Animal Therapy to our range of crafts as we make scented Soaps, Bath Bombs and even Slime.

In our battle against COVID, many sessions are now offered online via Zoom.  Kits are available for pre-order to join in the fun at home.

Care Home Animal Therapy, Science Activities and Science Crafts

Animal Therapy is a great activity for elderly residents whether physical or online.  The benefits of Animal Therapy are well documented. Simple interactions such stroking is beneficial to people of all ages

Different animals bring different textures and personalities to the session

A mixture of cute fluffy animals and silky smooth reptiles provide a great experience that will stay with your residents long after we leave. We will only bring Tarantulas or Cockroaches if you request them.

Animal Therapy is the ideal way for residents who may be less mobile to interact with animals and benefit from a new and unique experience.

Wild Science is the only provider in the UK to offer Bed-Bound Tours for residents who are restricted to their beds. Let us brighten their day too.

The pandemic has affected how care homes operate; not just in the UK, but across the world. Our online sessions provide a great opportunity to interact with someone outside the home whilst learning about new and exotic animals. It’s a great experience for the resident and the carers too. check our location 

Studies have shown that Animal Therapy can improve;
  • Motor skills and joint movement
  • Self esteem
  • Verbal communication
  • Social engagement
Also lessens the effects of;
  • Depression
  • Loneliness
  • Boredom
  • Anxiety

Science Crafts

Making Soaps, Bath Bombs or even Slime is a great group activity that will engage your residents.

This is guaranteed to excite and entertain your residents.  Not only is this a learning experience, but also a craft workshop as Soap and Bath Bombs make great gift sets for visiting loved ones and can be personalised with your own choice of essential oils and colours

Soap Making

Soap has never been more important, but have you ever considered where it comes from or how it is made?

In our Soap Making session you will learn the history of soap and be guided through making your own.  All soap can be personalised with your own essential oils (lavender is the care home favourite), into any colour you like and we have a wide range of pretty moulds.

The soap is left for the residents to use after we have left.  They also make great sets for family members.


Bath Bombs

This is the most recent addition to our Science Craft activities for Care Homes and has quickly become a great hit.

The results are amazing and you will learn how/why they fizz in the bath.  Visiting grandchildren can join in the fun too in this super safe activity.

Like the soap, they can all be personalised with your own choice of essential oils and colours which can be given away as gifts.

This session is also available online using Zoom and kits can be preordered so you can make your own along with us

Slime Workshop

Slime making is surprisingly fun for people of all ages.

There is some interesting science behind why Slime behaves the way it does, what makes it gooey? How far will it stretch?

The recipe itself is super easy, safe and quick to make.

This is another session that is available online with preorder kits so you can keep your residents safe and while they enjoy this fun demonstration