Getting young children engaged in class can sometimes be a challenge, and there’s no denying that science can sometimes have a bad rep for being complex and confusing in the eyes of schoolchildren – but it needn’t be that way. As the study of life and living things, biology is a subject that is full […]

Bioactve enclosures made simple

What is a Bioactive enclosure? A Bioactive enclosure in simple terms is an enclosure that replicates your animals’ habitat in the wild. Live plants in an enclosure have been a popular choice for a long time; however just adding live plants to your enclosure doesn’t make it Bioactive. To make it Bioactive you also add […]

Our enclosures #2 Fire-Bellied Toad

Fire-Bellied toad The Fire-Bellied toad is an extremely popular amphibian; mainly due to their vibrant orange and black undersides these truly are astonishing creatures. These colours are to warn predators of their toxicity, they can perform what is called a “Unken reflex” where they arch their body to show their predators their bright colours. Don’t […]

Wild Science Animal Party FAQs

Welcome back! I’m taking on a slightly different style of blog series today, rather than the usual series on current animal topics and the occasional “How to” blogs, this new series is going to include a bit more information about the different sessions we offer and the benefits they each…Read More Welcome back! I’m taking […]

Endangered animals on our doorsteps #3 Frogs and Toads

Hello and welcome back to the third entry of this blog series! I hope the first two pulled on your heart strings like I intended them to and for those of you who haven’t read them be sure to check them out as I spoke about the snakes and tarantulas that are heading to extinction. […]

Wild Science Animal Workshop FAQs

It’s time for the second blog of the series, this week I’m going to be answering the FAQ’s of the workshops we carry out and how they can be made unique to your own requirements. What is a Wild Science Animal Workshop?Our Animal Workshops are carried out by specially trained experts and will always be […]

Endangered animals on our doorsteps #4 Mammals

As promised this week I’m going to be telling you about the small mammals facing extinction that few know about. The third most popular pet is of course a rabbit, and after this comes many other small mammals; it’s no doubt they’ve all won us over with their adorable features and how great they are […]

The pet guide- Choosing the perfect first pet for your child

Its fantastic when children begin to show an interest in animals and want to learn more about them; part of why I think our animal workshops are so important is because its essential that we teach children to love and respect animals especially now as more and more animals land on the endangered… Its fantastic […]

Our enclosures #3 Horsefield tortoise

This week I’m going to show you the tank set up of Arthur one of our horsefield tortoises. Horsefield tortoise The horsefield tortoise is a common reptile found in the pet trade, mainly because of the manageable size they grow to as well as their character! They definitely don’t deserve the title of “Pet rocks” […]

Halloween Story Show – The Little Witch

It is Halloween night and The Little Witch is sitting in her cave by a cauldron, reading a potion book hoping to find something for the ‘Trick or Treaters’ when she comes across a potion for a Halloween Treat! The list of ingredients are; A loved stick to stir indeed The Skin of a snake, they […]