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Bubbles and Blooms Workshop

Bubbles and Blooms Workshop

Where Science Meets Play!

Wild Science invites your little ones to a world of bubbly wonder and soaring fun! Our Bubbles and Blooms Workshop is a hands-on adventure that combines science, laughter, and pure joy. Come join us as we explore the magic of bubbles and the whimsy of balloons!

The Bubble Journey

What’s a Bubble Anyway?

Hold your breath! We’re about to unravel the mystery of bubbles. Kids learn what bubbles are and how they form. It’s like peeking behind the curtain of a magical show. Spoiler alert: bubbles have secrets, and we’re about to spill them!

Bubble Touch and Pop

Imagine tiny fingers reaching out to touch delicate bubbles. Will they pop? Or will they defy gravity and float? Our young scientists experiment with bubble-touching bravery. Some bubbles vanish, while others linger. It’s a lesson in surface tension and giggles.

DIY Bubble Bottles

Get ready for bubble magic! Children create their own bubble solution. They mix, stir, and watch as their bottles transform into bubble factories. These portable bubbles are ready to accompany them home—a pocketful of joy!

We frequently take our mobile petting zoo outside! Please feel free to write to us or follow us on TikTok. Please feel free to like, review, or star any of our many TikTok videos (Wild_Science) that we have posted!

The Balloon Experiments

Three Inflation Tricks

Hold onto your hats (or balloons)! We explore three alternative ways to inflate our balloons:

  1. Water: Can water alone puff up a balloon? Let’s find out!
  2. Water and Alka-Seltzer: Fizz meets balloon. Will it lift off?

Baking Soda and Vinegar: A fizzy duo takes center stage. Balloon inflation, here we come!

The Balloon-on-a-Skewer Trick

Picture this: a balloon impaled on a skewer. Impossible, right? Wrong! Our young magicians use bubbles from our previous experiment to perform this cool trick. It’s science meets sorcery. Watch as the balloon defies gravity and dances on the skewer. Applause, please!

Why It Matters

Curiosity Takes Flight

Science isn’t just facts; it’s curiosity taking flight. Why do bubbles shimmer? How does a balloon stretch without bursting? Our little explorers ask questions, and science provides the answers.

Hands-On Play

Forget textbooks—our preschoolers dive hands-first into bubbly, bouncy play. Learning becomes laughter, and laughter becomes learning.

Bubbleologists and Balloon Wizards! That’s what your little ones will be after this enchanting workshop. So, join us if they dream of bubble rainbows or balloon escapades. Let’s make science soar, bubble by bubble! 

We are a UK-based company with a nationwide reach. Moreover, No matter where you are, you can count on Wild Science.

How to Book Bubbles & Balloons Parties Workshop

Contact us If you think your students would enjoy our Bubbles and Blooms Workshop Parties Workshop or would like us to bring this to your school:

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What is the age group for Bubbles and Balloons workshops?

The age range is 3 to 4 years old (Preschool/Nursery).

Can children take their bubble bottles home?

Absolutely! Each child creates their own bubble bottle to carry home—a little piece of bubbly magic.