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Electricity workshop for Kids

Electricity workshop for Kids

Calling all curious minds and budding inventors! Prepare to be electrified by the wonders of Electricity workshop for Kids. Our Science of Electricity workshop is sure to turn up the ‘voltage’ making learning a fun and hands-on experience.
At WildSci, we’re turning up the voltage and making learning a hands-on adventure. The electrifying world of electrons has everything from plasma balls to circuits!

The Electric Journey Begins

What’s the Buzz About Electricity?

Hold onto your hats! We’re about to demystify the invisible force that powers our world. Electricity—the spark that lights up our lives. But what is it, really? Let’s peel back the layers and explore the magic behind switches, sockets, and circuits.

The Workshop Highlights

1. All Things Electrical

  • Buckle up! Our workshop kicks off with an electrifying crash course.
  • Students learn about conductors, insulators, and the flow of electrons.
  • It’s like decoding the secret language of lightning bolts.

2. Plasma Ball Playtime

  • Ever seen a plasma ball? Get ready for a mesmerizing dance of light and energy.
  • Students perform experiments, touching the glass globe to create electric tendrils.
  • It’s like capturing lightning in a bottle—minus the thunder!

3. Circuit Creations

  • Grab your wires and batteries! We’re building circuits.
  • Students connect the dots (literally) to make bulbs glow and buzzers sing.
  • It’s circuitry magic—where switches become wizards.

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Electricity workshop Workshop

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What age groups can participate?

A child must be between 3 and 13 years old (Nursery, Infants, Junior, and Secondary Schools).

Will students get to create their own circuits?

Absolutely! Our hands-on workshop ensures that students build their own circuits and see the magic happen.

Can parents participate in these sessions?

Parents are more than welcome to participate in our Science of Electricity workshops. It’s a fantastic opportunity for families to explore the wonders of electricity together.