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Hire Farm Animals for Birthday Party

hire farm animals for birthday parties

See the joy on your child’s face as they engage with exciting reptiles and cuddly mammals in your backyard. By hiring a petting zoo for a birthday celebration that will be remembered for years to come, you can make this dream come true with Wild Science. Let’s investigate the fun that can be had when throwing an animal petting zoo party at Wild Science.

Hire a Petting Zoo: The Ultimate Birthday Surprise

Hiring a petting zoo provides parents with an unmatched experience if they’re looking for an unforgettable way to commemorate their child’s birthday. This is more than simply a party; it’s an experience that delivers the allure of the farm right to your door. At Wild Science, our speciality is designing captivating mobile petting zoo events for both adults and kids.

Petting Zoo Hire: Bringing Animals to Your Doorstep

Gone are the days of searching for petting zoos in distant locations. With our petting zoo hire service, Wild Science ensures that the joy of animal interactions is conveniently brought to your doorstep. Whether you’re in a bustling city or the tranquil countryside, our mobile petting zoo party near you is just a booking away.

We frequently take our mobile petting zoo outside! Please feel free to write to us or follow us on TikTok. Please feel free to like, review, or star any of our many TikTok videos (Wild_Science) that we have posted!

Animal Hire for Parties

The days of looking for petting zoos in far-off places are long gone. Wild Science makes sure that the pleasure of animal encounters is readily delivered to your door with our petting zoo hire service. With our mobile petting zoo party, you may enjoy a peaceful country setting or a busy metropolis. Make your reservation now.

Petting Zoo Farm

By hiring animals for your party, you’re doing more than just providing entertainment—you’re giving everyone a more fulfilling experience. A lovely assortment of animals are accompanied by our knowledgeable handlers, who transform your celebration into an educational experience. It’s an educational and entertaining petting party with animals.

Mobile Farms Where You Can Feed Animals

A dream come true for many kids is to visit farms where they can feed animals. Wild Science brings the farm experience to your celebration, making this fantasy come true. Imagine the delight and hilarity when kids feed goats by hand, play with donkeys, and take in the variety of animals on exhibit.

Petting Zoo Birthday Party

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to a birthday celebration at a petting zoo with Wild Science. We are aware that every child is different, and that’s why our party packages are too. Customise your visit by selecting particular animals, themes, or instructive elements. It’s a unique touch that adds the ultimate specialness to your child’s birthday party.

Animal Show Birthday Party

A birthday party at an animal show will make your child’s celebration even more memorable. Shows showcasing the wonder and beauty of the animal life are presented by our knowledgeable and entertaining handlers. Beyond just amusement, it’s an incredible encounter that gives the celebrations a spectacular touch.

Learning and fun combine at a Wild Science kids’ animal party. A love of the outdoors and wildlife is fostered when kids have the opportunity to engage with animals in a supervised and safe setting. Young brains are left with enduring memories of this encounter, which beyond the ordinary birthday party.

Book Your Animal Handling Adventure Today!

Are you ready for your experience Handling animals? Wild Science offers helpful advice for a positive encounter. Discover how to interact with animals, what food is appropriate, and how to maximise your endearing experience.

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Choosing animals for events in Nurseries, Schools, Children’s Parties, and Care Homes, such as educational sessions, exhibitions, or Animal Therapy, is a common practice, but it’s crucial to prioritize animal welfare. While you can choose animals for a session, Wild Science cannot guarantee any particular animal, as their health and well-being should always be the top priority.

Q: Is there any company in the UK that offers animal encounters and pet experiences?

A: Depending on your interest, Wild Science can help you meet fascinating animals nationwide. Current locations include Hampshire, West Sussex, Dorset, East Sussex, Cambridgeshire, Berkshire, London, Wales, Bedfordshire, Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and Edinburgh