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Halloween Story Show – The Little Witch


It is Halloween night and The Little Witch is sitting in her cave by a cauldron, reading a potion book hoping to find something for the ‘Trick or Treaters’ when she comes across a potion for a Halloween Treat!

The list of ingredients are;

  • A loved stick to stir indeed
  • The Skin of a snake, they no longer need
  • Silk from a spider, now that is key
  • and rainwater, from a very tall tree

To get all the ingredients, she will need help from her special animal friends in countries far away.  So she puts on her magic cloak with the bottomless pockets, hops on her broomstick and takes to the skies to meet her animal friends.

The first place on her list is the Rainforest.  She flies through the thick canopy, passes through the understory and lands on the forest floor. She starts looking for one of her friends.

Milo, the Giant African Millipede saw the Little Witch and says “Hello Little Witch, can I help you?” “Oh, hello Milo” says The Little Witch.  I am making a potion for a Halloween treat and I need a stick to stir it with, can you help”

“Yes, you can have this one here, it’s my favourite” he says.  The Little Witch says “That’s Perfect thank you, I have brought you your favourite food as a gift” and puts some old vegetables on floor. 

The Little Witch puts the stick in her cloak.  She then gets back on her broomstick heading for the U.S.A. for the snake skin.

She lands in a corn field to meet her friend Beryl the Corn Snake. “Beryl my dear friend, do you have any of your old skin I can use for my Halloween potion?” Corn Snakes shed their skin every two to three months.  “Of Course” Beryl says, “I shed only yesterday, here take this” Beryl passes her the old skin. “but I’m feeling very thirsty, can you take me to the lake?”.  “No problem” says The Little Witch

After a nice drink at the lake, The Little Witch heads to the desert in Chile to meet Rosie the Chilean Rose Tarantula. 

The Little Witch finds Rosie burrowed in the sand.  “Hello Roise, I am making a Halloween potion and I need some spider silk, may I have some of yours please?” “You can indeed, but not before dinner as making silk is very hungry work” says Rosie. So the Little Witch finds her a big juicy insect as she knows this is her favourite.  After dinner, Rosie spins her some silk for the potion.

The final ingredient is rainwater from a tall tree, so she flies to see her friend Albie the Whites Tree Frog in Australia.  Albie is arborial, which means he lives in the trees.  Albie takes her to his favourite pool of water in the leaves, high up in the trees. “Thank you ever so much, Albie” says The Little Witch “That’s ok, glad to help” he croaks. She finds him a tasty cricket to say thank you.

The Little Witch returns back to her cave.  She puts the snake skin and spider silk in the cauldron, then adds the rainwater and stirs with the stick.  She then says the magic words;

  • Hubble bubble
  • Halloween Trouble
  • Spooky treats, on the double!

The potion turns in to lots and lots of Halloween treats.  Far too much for the Little Witch and the ‘Tick or Treaters’, so she decides to share with all her special animal friends too.