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Nursery Pre-School Animal Workshops

Nursery Pre-School Animal Workshops

Wild Science: Where Curiosity Meets Creatures

In the stunning world of early education, where little minds bloom like wildflowers, Wild Science invite you to explore the magic of Nursery and Pre-School Animal & Science Workshops. 

From curious animals to bubbling beakers, let’s embark on a journey that sparks wonder and ignites young imaginations.

Engaging Workshops for Young Explorers

Imagine a room filled with wide-eyed children, their fingers itching to touch, their minds eager to learn. Furthermore, our interactive workshops cater to these young explorers—captivating, hands-on, and brimming with discovery.

From Slime Making to Mini-Beasts

Picture tiny hands mixing gooey concoctions, creating slime that oozes and squishes.

Now, imagine magnifying glasses revealing the secret lives of mini-beasts—tiny insects that scuttle, crawl, and intrigue.

It’s science wrapped in playdough and bug wings.

We frequently take our science workshops & mobile petting zoo outside! Please feel free to write to us or follow us on TikTok. Please feel free to like, review, or star any of our many TikTok videos (Wild_Science) that we have posted!

Animals and Education

Animals at a young age? Absolutely! It’s like opening a treasure chest of curiosity.

Children learn empathy, respect, and awe as they meet creatures big and small.

Plus, it crushes any phobias that might sneak into adulthood.

City Dwellers and Wildlife Wonders

Some children grow up in pet-less households, their only companions being stuffed animals.

Nestled in cityscapes, others rarely encounter natural wildlife beyond pigeons and squirrels.

Our workshops bridge this gap and bring the wild to their fingertips.

Animals and Facts Workshops

Children absorb knowledge like sponges. Our workshops drip with fascinating facts.

Did you know a giraffe’s tongue is blue? Or that a chameleon’s eyes move independently? Prepare for a trivia bonanza!

Seasonal Story Shows

Imagine storytelling sessions where animals take centre stage.

Children learn about life cycles and nature’s rhythms from winter hibernation tales to springtime awakenings.

It’s literacy twisted with zoology.

Wild Science for Lifelong Learners

Our animals and science workshops plant seeds of curiosity that sprout into lifelong learning.

Children leave with a hunger for more animals, science, and wonder.

Nursery and Pre-School Animal & Science Workshops: These are where curiosity meets creatures and where slime and scales coexist. 

So, whether your child dreams of petting a hedgehog or mixing potions, join us. Let’s nurture young minds and unleash the wild scientist within!

We are a UK-based company with a nationwide reach. Moreover, No matter where you are, you can count on Wild Science.

How to Book Nursery and Pre-School Workshops

Contact us: If you think your children would be ‘amped’ by our Nursery and Pre-School Animal & Science Workshops or would like us to bring this to your school:

Email us: If you prefer to email us directly, you can email [email protected] or [email protected]. Consequently, our team will happily answer any questions and provide more information.

Give us a call: Always call us. Call 020 3372 4300 to speak with a staff member. We’re available Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. or Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Choose Your Package: Like picking the perfect treat for your pet rabbit, select from our various packages. We’ve got options for different budgets and group sizes. Whether you want a quiet gathering or a bustling fiesta, we’ve got you covered.

Get Excited: Once your party is booked, the countdown begins! Gather your friends, family, or colleagues.

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Nursery and Pre-School Animal & Science Workshops FAQs (Most frequent questions and answers)

Can parents participate in Nursery and Pre-School Animal & Science Workshops?

Absolutely! Parents are welcome to join our Animal & Science Workshops. It’s a chance to bond, explore, and marvel at the magic of creatures alongside their children.

How do you ensure safety during animal encounters?

Our experts are like animal whisperers. They handle creatures with care and ensure a safe environment. All our staff are fully DBS checked, with an enhanced disclosure and photo ID.