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A science party to remember from Wild Science. Science parties that bring the fun back to partying

Wild Science provides science demonstrations for children’s parties. All our Party entertainment is fully bespoke to your requirements so whether it’s a physical visit or an interactive online session, we make it an unforgettable experience.

Who else is interested in hosting an educational and fun science party for kids?

Do you have a science mad child? Do they want a fun packed Wild Science Experiment party experience?

The presenter arrives adopting the ‘Nutty Professor’ persona and you can pick & mix a range of different activities from below: 

  • Slime Making

Learn about polymers, take part in the polymer game, then make your own super sticky slimy pot of slime to take home!

  • Soap Making

Learn how soaps made and create your own using food dyes, glitter, essential oils and different shapes to design the perfect soap.

  • Bath Bomb Making

See how Bath Bombs are made, learn the science behind why they fizz in the bath and make your own personalised with your favourite colours and oils.

  • Dry Ice Experiments

Bubbles and smokey effects, learn all about dry ice, sublimation, and experience amazing visual cool looking experiments, you would think you were in a science lab.

  • Bubble and Balloon Fun

Lots of bubble popping and experiment with ways of how to touch a bubble without it popping.  Can you put a long skewer through a balloon without it popping? Find out! – Great for 3 to 5 Year old’s!

  • Fizz, Bang, Pop Experiments

Lots of fizzy fun, with the famous baking soda and vinegar experiment, and Alka-Selzer rockets, too infinity and beyond!

Wild Science Experiments are an exciting and unique party activity. Our workshops are interactive, we incorporate games into the experiments and there is also an opportunity for participants to make and build something within each workshop and then put their creations to the test.

Our workshops are not only lots of fun but also packed with interesting facts so you will hopefully learn something too!

Each party session can last between 30 minutes to an hour and a half.  Everything can be tailored to suit you.  You can pick just one demonstration or for a longer party, mix and match the sessions you would like.  All parties vary depending on the age of the children.

Slime and Bath Bomb making is can be online (Virtual Party).  Kits are available for children with everything you need to make Soap and Bath Bombs along with the ‘Professor’.

If you would like to know more about our Children’s Parties or would like this in your school, our friendly staff are available to help on 020 3372 4300 or email [email protected]