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Science of Bubbles for Kids

Science of Bubbles for Kids

Popping with Fun!  

Science of bubbles for kids — those shimmering, ephemeral spheres that captivate us. However, beyond their playful appearance lies a world of science just waiting to be explored. At Wild Science, we’re diving into the Science of Bubbles. Let’s pop the surface tension and discover the secrets within!

1. The Bubble Blueprint: What Makes a Bubble?

Bubble Basics

Bubbles are more than just soapy playthings. They’re pockets of air trapped in a thin film of water and soap. But what’s inside that rainbowy sphere? Let’s break it down.

Shapes in the Spheres

Bubbles form perfect spheres. Why? Because nature loves efficiency. A sphere holds the most minor surface area for a given volume. It’s the most robust shape, and bubbles know it.

Floating or Sinking?

Have you ever wondered why some bubbles float while others sink? It’s all about density. Lighter-than-air bubbles rise, while denser ones sink. Physics at play!

To Pop or Not to Pop?

Why do bubbles burst? Surface tension! When it breaks, the bubble pops. But some bubbles defy the odds. We’ll explore the delicate balance between tension and resilience.

Bubbles in Technicolor:

Yes, bubbles have colours! Light waves play peek-a-boo with the thin film. We’ll unravel the rainbow hues and their mesmerising dance.

2. Hands-On Bubble Adventures

Bubble Experiments Galore

Our workshops are bubbling with excitement. Kids get hands-on:

  • Bubble Shapes: Blow bubbles and observe their forms. Round, elliptical, or even square? It’s a geometry lesson in action.


  • Floating vs. Sinking: Test different solutions. Which bubbles rise? Which sink? Density detectives at work!


  • Pop or Survive?: Explore bubble resilience. Why do some last longer? It’s a bubble battle!
  • Colorful Bubbles: Shine light on bubbles. Watch colours dance. It’s like a mini-light show.

We are passionate about the sciences, and with that passion and enthusiasm, we engage and inspire children and adults of all ages.

Delivering experiences nationwide, Wild Science offers a tailor-made program to fit your needs perfectly.

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3. Bubble Recipe: Take Some Home!

Bubble Mixology

Every child becomes a bubble scientist. We share our simple bubble recipe. Create your own bubble pot by mixing and blowing!

Bubbles Bursting with Wonder

Ageless Fascination

From preschoolers to secondary schoolers, bubbles captivate all. They’re science’s playful side. So, let’s pop, float, and marvel together!

We are a UK-based company with a nationwide reach. Moreover, No matter where you are, you can count on Wild Science.

How to Book Science of Bubbles Workshop

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Can adults join the Science of Bubbles Party?

Absolutely! Bubbles knows no age limits. Parents, grandparents, and anyone curious can join the fun. After all, who can resist the allure of shimmering spheres?

Is bubble-making messy?

Yes, and that’s part of the charm! We provide aprons and encourage everyone to embrace the bubbly mess. It’s science, laughter, and memories all in one.

How do I book a Science of Bubbles Party?

Booking is easy! Contact us, choose your preferred date, and let’s make bubbles burst with wonder.