Hands-on animals & science

Animals, Living Things and the Sciences are important areas of study for primary schools. Wild Science® deliver the UK’s most comprehensive range of animal and science experiences. Whether it is a physical session or online, each session is fully interactive and a great learning opportunity.

The benefits of Animal Therapy are well documented. Simple interactions such stroking is beneficial to people of all ages.

Different animals bring different textures and personalities to the session.

Our popular Animal topics are;
  • Food Chains
  • Life Cycles
  • Habitats
  • Rainforests (this complex habitat is often approached as its own habitat)
  • Mini Beasts (including all those creepy-crawlies)
  • Variations/Adaptations
  • Skeletons and Teeth
Our popular Science topics are;
  • The Science of Slime 
  • Fizz, Bang, Pop!
  • States of Matter
  • Science of Bubbles

All workshops can be based on your exact requirements so all learning is relevant to their studies, great for a special project or end of year treat.

For both our physical and online Animal workshops, we use a broad mix of animals in our workshops and our knowledgeable Experts guarantee age appropriate learning in a fun and engaging environment. 

Our interactive Science demonstrations are a spectacular addition to any project while we ‘WOW’ the audience with the power of science.  When booking our online Slime workshop, do-it-yourself kits can be included for the children to make alongside the demonstration.

All our Experts are fully DBS checked and will always arrive with their certificate and photo ID.