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If you are looking for a highly captivating way of introducing animals to young children our Seasonal Story Shows are ideal, especially for large groups.  At Christmas, Halloween and Easter we offer a themed animal show that is both educational and fun.

All stories are designed to be a fun way of introducing animals with audience interactions throughout the session.

The story of the session is up to you. Our Christmas Story Shows can be based in Santa’s workshop or following the Three Wise Men.

Halloween is a great time to introduce animals in a haunted/deserted house story.

Our Easter Story can vary from an Easter Bunny Story to an egg hunt (but searching for animals).

All our Experts are great children’s entertainers and will capture their attention from start to finish.

In this workshop we introduce a wide variety of different animals whilst giving the children the chance to touch, hold and interact with them and the Expert will arrive in seasonal attire to fit the occasion.

What is the Core Focus?
  • Keep the workshop as interactive as possible while at the same time having them learn about the different animals.
  • Keeping it festively fun and exciting
What Animals are used?

A mix of Mammals, Reptiles/Amphibians and Invertebrates are used for this topic.

Who Is This For?